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South Korea Adventure Map v5.0
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South Korea Adventure Map v5.0

Q : What’s ‘South Korea Adventure Map’?
A : South Korea Offroad Map + Island Map + Panjelajers Indonesia Map + Eldorado Map + Complicated roads Map + Peru Map

Q : Stand-alone Map or Add-on Map?
A : Add-on Map

Q: Why is it required to have DLC(dlc_east, dlc_north) to use this map?
A: It is required because the map is using models, prefabs, roads, tunnels and many other things from DLC(dlc east, dlc north).

◈ Special thanks to ‘Island Map Author : Bogdan Evdokimovich’
◈ Special thanks to ‘Panjelajers Indonesia Map Author : Septian MR’
◈ Special thanks to ‘Eldorado Map Author : Elvis Felix’
◈ Special thanks to ‘Complicated roads Map Author : AnimadoMP’
◈ Special thanks to ‘Peru Map Author : Jhon Charca’

ETS2 South Korea Adventure Map v5.0 : 2015-12-06

License : LGPL(GNU Lesser General Public License)

For ETS2 v1.21 : ets2_south_korea_adventure_map_v5.0_For_ETS2_v1.21.rar
For ETS2 v1.22 : ets2_south_korea_adventure_map_v5.0_For_ETS2_v1.22.rar

New in v5.0

ㆍAdded ‘Peru Map’
ㆍFixed two bugs.


ㆍ Compatibility Test : ETS2 v1.21
ㆍ Necessary DLC(dlc_east, dlc_north)
ㆍ Compatibility with other maps : Compatible with All Maps
(ex : Promods, TSM, Rus etc)
ㆍ Speed Testing Road & Physics Testing Ground
ㆍ South Korea Offroad Map(18 Cities) + Island Map(7 Cities) + Panjelajers Indonesia Map (20 Cities) + Eldorado Map(26 Cities) + Complicated roads Map(8 Cities) + Peru Map(7 Cities)
ㆍ QnA : http://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=32&t=194523
ㆍ File Name : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_adventure_map.scs, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_adventure_map_promods_fix.scs

How to use

ㆍWithout Promods : 1 file( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_adventure_map.scs )

step 1. Copy 1 file.
step 2. In ‘My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’ folder, Paste 1 File.
step 3. In Game, Activate 1 file.
Step 4. Please go to the calais of France and use the ferry.

ㆍWith Promods : 2 files( zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_adventure_map.scs, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz_south_korea_adventure_map_promods_fix.scs )

step 1. Copy 2 files.
step 2. In ‘My Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod’ folder, Paste 2 files.
step 3. In Game, Activate 2 files.
Step 4. Please go to the calais of France and use the ferry.

Hemil, Bogdan Evdokimovich, Septian MR, Elvis Felix, AnimadoMP, Jhon Charca

  • Sérgio pinto
    2015-12-10 22:29
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    Hello Thomas !!!I would love to thank you for the great work in SOUTH KOREA MAP ADVENTURE V5.0, is of congratulations! It is the dream of any player EuroTruck, several maps without having the obligation to start a new profile ... if possible wish you could do something against the map of the Russian Open Spaces and Russ map v1.3.5.7, some parts of these maps especially when out of the harbor toward the cities, the game crashes.A big hug my brother.Sergio Pinto - Camaçari - BA
  • Narzew
    2015-12-18 01:37
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    This map pack is Hemil's work (but map parts credit are to their authors).I have succesfully combined this map with Promods, Poland Rebuilding, RusMap, Russian Open Spaces, South Korea, TasMap, EAA, ROC & Project BalkansInstall this fix with your ROS package and snow terrain could look better: http://sharemods.com/mscgfd5vdeh3/Snow_terrain_fix_promods_russian_open_spaces_v1.2.scs.htmlhttp://forum.scssoft.com/viewtopic.php?f=34&t=185942
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