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South Korea Adventure Map v6.5
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South Korea Adventure Map v6.5

ETS2 South Korea Adventure Map v6.5 : 2016-01-23

ㆍ189 Cities
ㆍMap of adventure and fantasy
ㆍPangaea Map (Do you like Pangaea map?)
ㆍPerfect Compatibility with (Promods v2.0, TSM v6.2, RusMap v1.6)
ㆍNo Error in Game.log.txt

New in v6.4
ㆍ Fixed All Possible City Name Crash(Ukraina Map, Hungary Map)
ㆍ Due to technical change of the city name, your profile is affected.
ㆍ If possible, please use the profile you have not used a south korea adventure map.

New in v6.5
ㆍ Removed Russia Checkpoint Barricade(Ukraina Map)

Please read the readme.txt for more information.

Hemil, Bogdan Evdokimovich, Septian MR, Elvis Felix, AnimadoMP, Frank007, Goba6372

  • Nburotto
    2016-01-24 15:23
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    here you have a video of lost land very difficult but possiblehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msR92G3XTtM
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