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Southern Region v6.0.0
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Southern Region v6.0.0

Current Version: 6.0.0.
Compatibility: RusMap, ProMods, packs loads / traffic from Jazzycat, weather modification.
Not compatible: modification, changing the season of the year (spring, autumn, winter).
For the version of the game: 1.24.
Required DLC: “Going East”, “Scandinavia”.

(DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MAKE A GAME WITHOUT DLC! We guarantee the stability of the card on the respective versions of the game, with the required DLC and without third-party mods! IN ANY departure Blame yourself! Each update is checked before publication FOR STABILITY!
IF ME, developers detect DEPARTURE, the update is transferred to HIS COMPENSATION AND RETURN full operation!).

List of changes:
-Added New Locality: Gelendzhik, Karachaevsk, Upper Mara, Teberda, Dombay, Nadzhigo
A partially / fully modified Locality: Novorossiysk, Pavlovskaya, Krasnodar, Krymsk
-Enter Support the game together with the map “ProMods”
-Improved performance
-New Metal bumpers with the correct collision and CD-5
-Replaced Most road signs in the new
-Enter New road signs for more informative
-Improved Some pointers
-Enter New glare-free Russian traffic lights (only generated on the territory of Russia (including “RusMap” and Russian territory “ProMods”)
-Realizovan Effect of retroreflectivity for traffic signs (only those that provide the card)
two new companies -Enter (Hadyzhensk brewery, Lukoil)
-Realizovany Reflectors CD-6 CD-5, CD-1 (on the balustrades, signaling stolbikah.Polnostyu active)
-Enter New, more realistic traffic lights to replace some of the previously applicable standard
A partially modified section of the motorway A146 Krymsk, Novorossiysk
A partially modified portion of the highway M4 Hot Key Dzhubga
Fully replaced interchange M4 and M29 motorways in st.Pavlovskoy more real
-Added New attractions, improved old
-Skorrektirovano A large number of roads in respect of certain aspects of quality of detail
-Skorrektirovano Movement on the “custom” rings, and now traffic is moving strictly on signs
-Skorrektirovano Most of the problems reported by users
-Skorrektirovana Generation license plates when buying a car (the region has a normal size)
-Skorrektirovany Balanced and showrooms
The set of cosmetic changes in the gaming world
-Many Other technical improvements.

SimKA, RusMap, klipstoeun8839, Koral, OSTeam, FLD, jon_ruda, Jazzycat, DeXtor, SimKA, Woody

  • Djaleel
    2016-08-20 18:45
    0 0
    Don't work...Crash game. Why?My installation...Promods+rusmap connectionRusMap def packRusmap Model2 PackRusmap Model PackPromods def packPromods map packPromods media packPromods models2 packPromods models1Promods assets PackRusmap map PackSouthern Region map (def and map)Southern Region Models2Southern Region Models1Optimisation PlantsThank for you help..
  • Andrew
    2016-08-20 18:53
    0 0
    Fake 100%
  • Alexcrazy
    2016-08-21 12:33
    0 0
    IT'S FAKE!!!in archive version 5.0, compatible only with Rusmap, 6.0 is work in progress, don't release
  • Ghostheijink
    2016-08-21 18:09
    0 0
    is not the 6.0.0 but works with the RusMap 1.6.3
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