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Southern Region v5.0 beta
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Southern Region v5.0 beta

-Postroeny Many cities (including Novorossiysk, Krasnodar and etc.)
-Perestroeny Many road
-Added Highway A155, A154 (P216), A160, Hot Key Kaluga-Afipsky
Added new sections of road for the M4, M29 (R217) R254, P251, A147 highway
-Improved Road infrastructure (close to reality)
-Improved The nature of the forest zone map
-Enter Support the game together with the map "RusMap"
-Enter Transportation from refineries "Rosneft" Tuapse to the gas station and back of the same name
-Enter Several companies realnosuschestvyuschy
-Added More than 350 new signs and labels
-Povyshena Detailed terrain
-Added New environment sounds
-Added Space atmosphere (pr.plyazh in Dzhubga, Railway station in Novorossiysk, and others.)
-Improved Light flashing car at night (if you do not like this novvovedenie, the
You can remove it, read more below)
-Other changes

Tested 1.23 Game Version
Part 1: http://sharemods.com/me88r2j7h77y/SRmap_part1.rar.html
Part2: http://uploadfiles.eu/s92bqe1acl09/SRmap_Part2.rar.html
Part 3: http://sharemods.com/jnr67x9epgrp/SRmap_Part3.rar.html
Patch for low end PC:  http://sharemods.com/mijgs4hz04dw/Optimization_of_plant.scs.html


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