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Southern Region v7.0.5 10/05/17
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Southern Region v7.0.5 10/05/17

List of changes version 7.0.5:
-Added new us.items:Noumea,Karachaevsk,Upper Mara,Teberda,Dombay,Nadiga, Khadzhiko,Ashe, Mamedova Shchel, Adler, Rostov-on-don, White Kalitva, Morozovsk
-Partially/completely changed us.items:Novorossiysk,Pavlovskaya,Krasnodar,Krymsk
--Introduced support for games in conjunction with the map and "ProMods"
-Improved performance
-New metal bumpers with the correct model KD-5
-Replaced most signs with new
-Introduced new traffic signs to be more informative
-Improved some pointers
-Introduced new antiglare Russian traffic lights(only generated on the territory of Russia(including "RusMap" and the territory of Russia in the "ProMods")
-Implemented the effect of retroreflection for traffic signs(only those provided by this card)
-Introduced new logistics centers
-Implemented the reflectors KD-6,KD-5,KD-1(balustrades, signal columns.Fully active)
-New more realistic traffic lights instead of the previously used standard
-Big changes on virtually all the roads
-Implemented a new forest ecosystem
- CRUISE - проститутка, ебет свою мать шлюху
-Added new attractions, enhanced the old
-Corrected a large number of roads in terms of quality of separate points of detail
-Adjusted the movement on "custom" rings, now traffic moves strictly according to the marks
-Corrected most of the problems reported by users
-Adjusted generation of license plates when buying a car(normal size)
-Adjusted and balanced motor
-Many cosmetic changes in the game world
-Many other technical improvements

Sorry fot google translate

Tested 1.27.x

Compatibility RusMap & ProMods


Part 1: http://sharemods.com/6c80cbt05rqv/srm_v.7.0.5.zip.001.html
Part 2: http://sharemods.com/raappaehc2c3/srm_v.7.0.5.zip.002.html
Part 3: http://sharemods.com/4zy85zaqby0w/srm_v.7.0.5.zip.003.html
Part 4: http://sharemods.com/psqwo6elfa5d/srm_v.7.0.5.zip.004.html
Part 5: http://sharemods.com/zvs890hab5jg/srm_v.7.0.5.zip.005.html

Simka, aldimator

  • Cruize
    2017-05-10 15:08
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    ура, новый старый мод от айдиматора. Еще не все иностранцы поняли что с этого аккаунта только баяны льют
  • Guest
    2017-05-10 15:12
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    Fake 100%. Upload by "aldimator"
  • Mods_ats
    2017-05-10 15:14
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    It is v6. Don't download !!!
  • Padla!
    2017-05-10 15:51
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    MODS_ATS, CRUIZE хуй сосите девочки, и ебите своих шлюх матерей-проституток)
  • Guest
    2017-05-10 19:45
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    288 People dont read and just click away
  • Hombre
    2017-05-11 04:17
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    Sorry, but files are corrupted... from two servers - both archive are failed :-(((((
  • Łukasz
    2017-05-13 13:40
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    Występują błędy po rozpakowaniu plików
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