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Special heavy loads transmission v1.0
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Special heavy loads transmission v1.0

Hello Dear MH community
Today I point you in addition to the special heavy transport motors mod by me, including my special heavy transport gear Mod ago

Here, the Lin for engines Mod by me

This gear mod is available for all trucks in the game. The transmission has 18 courses and is very suitable in connection with the engines mod by me
In the game itself you fnd desen gear mod after successful activation in the game in the store under the name
Special 18Gang heavy-duty gear. and costs 23.580 €
This special-built transmissions for heavy transport has a Rearder The up to 250 tons of Down's
I wish you with the gear Mod much fun
Mfg Gandorinb


  • Syxx
    2015-02-08 17:34
    kids bullshit ... go to NFS !!!!!!!
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