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Spencer Hill Cool Liner v1.0
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Spencer Hill Cool Liner v1.0

A Bud Spencer and Terence Hill Fantrailer.
Just as in between, because I, a huge fan of both'm already all my life!
With different scenes from several films.
On one side of the "modern age", and on the other, from the "Western time".
Little guessing game: Who can the scenes, assign the movies?
Write it in the comments if you feel like ;)
Oh .....
Replaces the stock cooler in the game and from me is ONLY the skin!
While uploading on other sites, Credits net forget!
Have fun with it.

Schmitz Cool Liner by?
Bud and Terence Skin by Ghost001/GhostDesign

Trailer by ???
Skin by Ghost001/GhostDesign

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