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Spring/Autumn by Grimes v3.0
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Spring/Autumn by Grimes v3.0

This is the official webpage of the Spring/Autumn mod by Grimes.
This mod simulates early spring/late autumn and mid spring/early autumn.

Spring/Autumn vegetation, terrain, grass and roads
0800 to 2000 daylight hours (early spring/late autumn)
0800 to 2100 daylight hours (mid spring/early autumn)
Appropriate temperature readings
No thunder and lighting
No harvesters
Increased wheel spray

Changes in v3.0
Updated for 1.17

Changes in v2.0
More Spring/Autumn vegetation
Improved terrain and grass
Early Autumn/Late Spring option
Mid Spring/Early Autumn option

Recommended settings
Vegetation Detail: High
Grass Density: High

Please disable other weather, lighting, HDR and graphics mods.
There are two options in the download pack, early spring/late autumn and mid spring/early autumn.


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