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Star Physich (Bintang Per) V1.1
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Star Physich (Bintang Per) V1.1

After so long to test the physics of this mod from V1.14 to V1.16, Finally it was time to pull Greget-Suspension from the market and replace it with something new …

As usual there are three options:
1. Standard
2. Smooth
3. Super Smooth
Please choose one of it and adjust your driving style …

May not be suitable for every update of physics are always changing but I will give my best to share with …
Thank you to all my friends from Indonesia, Euro Truck Simulator 2 Group Indonesia (ETS2GI), Komunitas Euro Truck Simulator 2 Indonesia (KETS2I), which has been tested, sorry I did not mention one by one.
The description in this video is a real truck of expedition Zoltán kotai this may be used as a comparison …
Thank You …

Gustav Rhan

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