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Steering Wheel Animations by indian56
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Steering Wheel Animations by indian56

Steering Wheel Animations for Ets2 1.27.x game version
This small mod contains the animations of the steering wheels of trucks (including UK versions)

contained in ETS 2, as well as the modifications made in the definitions.


When the ignition is switched on, the steering wheel is moved from "parking" to "operating" position.

When the engine is stopped, it moves the steering wheel from the "operating" position to the "parking" position.

Unfortunately, the two DAF and IVECO HI-WAY have not yet been made - they are slightly macerated -

but are in progress when I'm upgrading the upload!

* The animations - as I have already mentioned - are specifically designed for base trucks

(in the game), for modded trucks only if they have not changed their

"interior" animation file and are the same as the original SCS!


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    You forgot to read and use >> Do not reupload!
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