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[STM] Scania 113H Torpedo Edit by Sheppardpat47
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[STM] Scania 113H Torpedo Edit by Sheppardpat47

You hate when brazilians put brazilian defs, with no icons etc? With full of errors?
I love this trucks since 3 years now, but i have never seen a clean mod of this truck for ETS2…

This mod features:
– Removed useless tuning
– New icons for all accessories!
– New engines, and torque curve and engine icon
– New realistic gearboxes (From 4-series RJL)
– New paintjobs
– Errors Free
– Advance coupling works perfectly

So, here’s my edit, hope you will love it! Dont hesitate to test it on YouTube

sheppardpat47, RJL

  • Sheppardpat47
    2017-12-17 11:43
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