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Super Racing Mod – Hyper Edition
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Super Racing Mod – Hyper Edition

This update includes a hyper tuned 50,000HP version for all vehicles, updated KW ratings, and LOW TRAFFIC versions for those who are interested in high performance cornering.

This mod adds “Super R” engine and transmission for all vehicles, includes physics and steering tuned for high speed, six custom gears for hauling and heavy acceleration, engine tuned to approximately 19,000hp (7 gears at 50,000HP for Hyper), no damage, and no over-rev (engine simulates normally unlike memory value adjustments or excessive torque values with no physics). Use with 10×8 chassis for maximum acceleration and handling above 300mph. Top speed 350mph at 19,000HP and 460mph at 50,000HP! Pull the heaviest trailers at up to 430mph with traffic-capable handling!

This version has been tested with Euro Truck Simulator 2 version 1.16.2s. The archive contains four versions, enable only one or the last in the list will be effective.

Warning: This mod is tuned only to achieve the upper traction and inertial limits of this simulator on long highways. Vehicles will not corner well in city areas at speeds above 150mph due to reduced steering ratios. Use sway and traction loss to your advantage around tight corners!


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