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SweetFX v2.0 + Reshade [only for win_x64] v2.0
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SweetFX v2.0 + Reshade [only for win_x64] v2.0

- Colors, the picture becomes more realistic. I registered in the shader (s) "Smaa" a resolution of 1920x1080.
- Improved clarity, smoothing, colors, HDR (lowered the glow), bloom (reduces), granularity. The picture becomes without soap film.
- By default, SMaa is anti-aliasing in the settings, you can put FXaa, if there are brakes or lags, I did not notice this.
- For weak computers, you can try to disable anti-aliasing "Smaa" or change to "Fxaa".
- Settings are located in the folder "SweetFX \ SweetFX_Settings.txt, open a text file and in the item" Choose effects "put (0-off, or 1-on), the smoothing should be one, or SMaa or FXaa.
- In the game (on, off) mode on the key F12.
- Settings in the game: HDR-on; Sunbeams-inc; The rest is off, the screenshot shows!

- All files from the archive are extracted to the folder with the game Ets2 \ bin \ win_x64.
- Delete the mod: all the files that are in the archive, from the win_x64 folder are deleted, and it's better to make a copy of win_x64 before installation.

Test for 1.30.х-1.31.х
Author: ~ Tok ~


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    2018-04-28 03:19
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