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Tatra Phoenix V4
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Tatra Phoenix V4

Readme V1.0:

Tuning – Hella light, 50K Beacon, Dice, Twister, Sting, Joker front grill, Sting roof grill.
Interior with 50Keda GPS,original SCS GPS,without GPS.
6×4 chassis with turntable, 6×4 tandem chassis.
Coal, Sand,Gravel, Empty, No visible trailer.
Coal, Sand,Gravel, Empty Extension.

Readme V2.0:

Fix glass with use HDR.
Add logs extension (logs,empty) in servise.
Add logs trailer (logs,empty,no visible).
Add logs crane on 6×4 chassis with turntable.

Readme V3.0:

Add chassis 4×4.
Add roofgrill – only slots,small with 4 position on roofgrill + 2 position on truck roof.
Add paint.
Add extension on 4×4 chassis (sand,coal,gravel,empty).
Add side,front small mirror.
Add light grid(all,small,big).
Add DLC Cabin Accessory.
Add DLC Metallics Paint Job.
Add chassis 6×2/4.

Readme v4.0
Add DLC Flags.
Add ATC.

HomerS, jazzycat, 50Keda, Vlasta, SCS

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