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Team Tuxedo Mod Pack v3.1
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Team Tuxedo Mod Pack v3.1

The Team Tuxedo Modpack is a bunch for youtube’s how game and are best friends.

Version 1.0:
– Got trailer Skin

Version 2.0:
– Company logo use for the members of the group updated trailer pack and a engine + truck sounds.

Version 3.0:
– HD Textures
– 3 New Truck Engine For Mercedes Actros/Mercedes Actros MPIV + the Old engine as well
– 1 New Gearbox for the Mercedes Actros /MPIV
– New sound for the New Mercedes Actros MPIV
– New Gps logo
– Everyone has a Truck skin for all 13 Truck in the game

Version 3.1:
– 10000 liter fuel tank for the Mercedes Actros MPIV
– F6 company names has been changed

Version 1.18.x

Authors: GAMINGdude, SCS software

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