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Test Profile Mod v2.0 Vanilla Edition
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Test Profile Mod v2.0 Vanilla Edition

Intended for quickly setting up a Test Profile with abundant money and all skills for the purpose of testing a mod or a map seperatly. Whether you troubleshoot or just check, a profile with all skills and money like Billy Boy comes in very handy. This mod relieves you of the need to work for days to unlock ranks and gain money.

Works on any map.
Works for all versions.

WARNING: Using this for your main profile results in a BORING simulation!

How to use:
Start a new profile dedicated for mod testing. Put this mod ALWAYS on top.
Notice you already have 5 Million bucks
You will have to do 2 jobs as an employed driver. Your revenue is NOT affected by this mod.
You will be as measly payed as usual, but you will already see
yourself being catapulted through the ranks. I caped the rank progress at Level 50.


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