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The Dutch Map v1.2
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The Dutch Map v1.2

Our first release was on the 30 of July, where you can discover the East of the Netherlands. In the future, you can discover the west part of the Netherlands too. Take a look at our Face book page, there you can find more images of the project.

Current version of The Dutch Map: v1.2 Beta Edition (with Flevoland and Leeuwarden!). Next version of The Dutch Map: v1.3 Beta Edition. There will be more cities in the upcoming updates, so please be patient.

There are 7 new cities added in The Dutch Map v1.2! Update to The Dutch Map v1.2 if you still have The Dutch Map v1.1 or you didn’t download The Dutch Map before. More information about TDM v1.2 can be found on the map page.

Sven Engelen, Wessel Snaak, Guus Roosken, Mike Plasmans

  • Sven engelen (tdm)
    2016-04-04 11:01
    On our website its CLEAR that it's NOT allowed to redistribute the mod. I'm going to ask you to delete this link or redirect to our website.
  • Emiel
    2016-04-04 12:51
    sven contact the modhub.us team by email for the deletion of this mod on here
  • Space cam
    2016-04-11 17:56
    can you make extensions/ expansion maps for TSM 6.2 map
  • Dennis
    2016-04-15 19:17
    Hebben jullie een foto van de wereldkaart met deze mod erin???
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