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The Harsh Russian Baikal R3 1.24
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The Harsh Russian Baikal R3 1.24

Off-road map of Russia.
This map is designed for people who have a strong nervous system. for those who love simulators, rather than arcade.
For version 1.24.x
In this archive:
С.Р.Байкал.r3 LOCK_sevliftservis- card key.
С.Р.Байкал r3 MAP- Map
С.Р.Байкал r3 HARD- trailers
С.Р.Байкал r3 AWD- four-wheel drive trucks for default
С.Р.Байкал r3 sound- sounds of map.

1 part: http://sharemods.com/0kvp5zjjzac4/BaykalR3.7z.001.html
Part 2: http://sharemods.com/zotek8m8iv16/BaykalR3.7z.002.html
Part 3: http://sharemods.com/sjgosd1y3enl/BaykalR3.7z.003.html

Download all three parts in one folder.
Extract the first part  "Baikal 3.7 z.001" of the archiver 7zip.
Other parts do not need to unpack - they fall automatically with the first part.


  • Antigoba 6372
    2016-09-03 02:13
    хаахахаххаахах.бедный жирный пидорас.Даже ключи не помогают и т.д.Ору.
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