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Tokyo Bayshore v1.2
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Tokyo Bayshore v1.2

1/3 scale (6times default scale) Tokyo – Yokohama Map mods for ETS2.

Version 1.2 Tokyo Water Front City update.

Odaiba is newer land reclamation island of Tokyo.
There are large container port. but more well known as sightseeing spot.
-Pallet Town Ferris Wheel
It was world largest Ferris wheel when it was completed in 1999.
This 100m diameter Ferris wheel can enjoy the beautiful night view of Tokyo.
also You can see this landmark everywhere in Odaiba Island.

DLC Scandinavia and Going East! is required.

Route Navigation Bug
ETS2s Route finder cannot find correct route in Daikoku JCT.
so I created another route between Tokyo – Yokohama.
but currently it is closed. (It will available in future update)


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