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Tractor with Trailer in Traffic v1.1
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Tractor with Trailer in Traffic v1.1

A few minor changes in the model of the trailer.
A slight shading of the trailer, that would not seem too fresh.
Edit residency in the trailer that would not appear in the other truck.
For those who want to change (spawn_max_count: *), added separately traffic_vehicle_type.tractor.sii,
Default as in default 8.
Game Version: Only 1.20.x

Author tractor model: SCS The authors model the trailer FS2015: Giants, speedy77, mailman, Chaos Elite Modding Export and alteration in the traffic model tractor: AlexGold Conversion of the game FS2015 in ETS2 in traffic patterns trailer: AlexGold Settings file (.sii) smoke from dmitry68.

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