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Traffic Density V1
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Traffic Density V1

Traffic Data
I have created a simple traffic data mod for, This mod increases the standard traffic density in the game, I have tried to make the traffic amounts similar through out the 24 hour / day period.
I have tested this mod with the standard vanilla map and with MHA Pro on
It works with jazzycat's traffic mods (See Below) but unsure about any others as I only use jazzycat traffic mods.
Jazzycat mods tested with:

This mod needs to be High priority in the new mod manager so it supercedes and previious traffic data settings.


  • Jabo
    2015-08-04 00:36
    I must gratulate on this aewsome peace of work. Since the update 1.19 i`ve been strugeling around to get some decent traffic on the roads, wthout any luck. How many crashes i had i don`t know . UNTIL NOW!!!!!!!! AWESOME...... Just awesome. 10 stars if it was possible. I took some pictures and if i couldt i would post them here, to show you. Thanks a lot man!!!!!
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