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Traffic Sound v1.0
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Traffic Sound v1.0

WIth this mod you can have your traffic sound self adjusting

This mod is open heist you can eueren traffic sound set itself like so:
1) Mod open with winrar or zip.
2) Then the def folder Open
3) gamedata open with notepad ++
available here http://suche.chip.de/?N=4294967158&q=notepad%2B%2B&submit=SUCHE
4) Then look for the line interior_sound_volume, it is best to search for the notepad ++ Program and is there a interior_sound_volume and already you have it.
5) Change how you have it want but I would recommend not to change the first ever zero.
6) save fertig.Natürlich whom the mod should not be in modfolder then so pure

Please increase only in small steps or sinks, for it is time to 0:06 is eigentich Prospective participants.


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