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Trailer Concrete Pipes v1.0 1.34.x
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Trailer Concrete Pipes v1.0 1.34.x

Info about ETS2 [Trailer] Concrete Pipes (NP4):
Trailer: SCS Software
Cargo: SASq

Two cargo versions clear and dirty.
Mass of all: 28680kg (almost 29t)

Mass: 9560kg
Diameter: 2.4m (radius 1.2m)
Long: 2.5m

What mean NP4?
Non Pressure pipe with wall thickness 4

NOTE1: Maybe you need to rest several times
before you can see the "5.5m Gear" in jobs list.

NOTE2: You can find the trailer in game trailers reviews:
section: "Semi Lowloader with Drop Deck"
cargo: "Concrete Pipes (NP4)"
cargo: "Concrete Pipes (NP4) Dirty"

Cargo is standalone.
Normal cargo jobs.


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