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Trailer Ownership: Create your own skin v5.0 1.32
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Trailer Ownership: Create your own skin v5.0 1.32

You can use this kit to create your own skin for your own trailer that you can drive with.

Tutorial comming soon and will be uploaded to my channel: click_here

V1: Release
V2: Skin shows up in game
V3: Sideskirts etc can be painted
V4: 1) Easier to skin. Only 2 templates. 2) Fixed skin on Curtainsider doubles
V5: Added support for Krone DLC

Supported game versions:

If you find any buggs please report them in the comments and if you need any help feel free to join my discord server: https://discord.gg/Mfdz7yg


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  • Nllittletear
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    Please DO NOT re-upload this file to another site. If you want to please contact me first for permission.
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  • Papy54
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    Bonsoir,J'ai eu il y a trois ou quatre ans un mod trucks et trailers de la société " KLG " mais qui ne fonctionne plus suite aux changements de versions de jeu, je recherche une âme charitable qui accepterai de se pencher sur ce problème.J'aime vraiment beaucoup le skin des trailers et trucks" KLG "Si ce n'est pas possible, ce n'est pas grave.CordialementPapy54
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