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Trailer Pack by Omenman v2.20.2
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Trailer Pack by Omenman v2.20.2

There are 380 skins in a pack and 75 cargoes registered in all 164 companies on the default card and official DLC.
The mod adds 6 types of default trailers from previous versions of the game to the game:
Fuel, Coolliner, Fridge, Profiliner, Container and Schmitz Universal,
as well as a trailer from Rommi "TZ Schmitz S.KO Express".

All trailers and skins are included in the traffic.
Pak adapted to patch 1.33.

Version changes:
1. Added company DLC Beyond the Baltic Sea.
2. Added mats that are missing in version 1.33.
3. Loads are translated into English.
4. Updated skins of some trailers.


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