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Trailers and Cargo Pack v3.4 1.28.x
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Trailers and Cargo Pack v3.4 1.28.x

Here is the current version of my Penguins Trailer and CargoPack, Version 3.4.
It's compatible with ETS2 TO 1.28 !
Version 3.4 contains 350 standalone trailers of 321 companies with adequate cargos.

- 9 new trailer types
- 9 old trailers removed
- 4 old trailers re-designed

Find the names of removed trailers in ReadMe-file.
CAUTION: Since I've removed again some old trailers, after activatig my pack 3.4, you possibly will be set back to your homebase! So, maybe you should finish your running tour first! (By the way, that makes the new trailers directly available in freight market!) Possible gamelog errors due to missing cargos of the removed trailers ('dangling-pointer-errors') are gone when you start ETS2 next time.
Pack runs on ETS2 v. 1.28 and tolerates other trailer packs. Tested in common with all Jazzycat packs.
Pack again consists of two 7zip parts (001 and 002) which reduces overall download size (and time) considerably.


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    Not the original uploader, not the original download links! Files were downloaded and uploaded again under wrong name! That's abuse!
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    The first two links in comments are the legal ones! THX to the comment-poster!
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    Thanks Penguin for the original Links... Love your work...
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    KAMAZIST10 - ты козел !!!
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