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Trailers of Real Companies v3.0 by Maryjm [1.30.x]
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Trailers of Real Companies v3.0 by Maryjm [1.30.x]

New and reworked Package of trailers from real companies, they also work in traffic
Tested on 1.30 version
Author: Maryjm


  • The real trucker
    2018-01-20 10:37 Send message
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    1.) Where is the Author of the Original-Trailers in the Credits ?2.) Speed Signs never on the Top, every time downside of Trailers !Otherwise there are a Lot of Trailers, which exists since very long Time... :-(
  • Maryjm
    2018-01-23 08:10 Send message
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    I am the real author of the trailers, but these I have not raised them, I already uploaded them a while ago, someone has raised them again.I always in the real ones I put the phrase: do not re upload.I'm already putting the signals on the new trailers, thanks
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