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Trailers Standalone Aero Dynamic New
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Trailers Standalone Aero Dynamic New

Pack standalone trailers "Aerodynamicist" [38]
- 38 trailer Aero Dynamic, collected in one package
- Made fully Autonomous
- Spelled out in the company, the orders of the agencies and in the browser of the trailer (another trailer)
- Your wheels
- In the traffic
- Do not replace, each trailer for your cargo
- Support advanced coupling

Test on version 1.27.x

TSM, KHAOS-XX, Georgold CZ, IJ's Mods, Rommi TZ, TZ_Express, MDModding, Fred_be, GS-Logistic, Expresso Rodovias, Stewowe, Ignition8, Serega 22ru

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    Pack_Trailers Standalone Aero Dynamic Newhttp://www.playground.ru/files/ets_2_pack_trailers_standalone_aero_dynamic_new-154894/What is done:– 38 trailers Aero Dynamic, assembled in one package.– Made completely autonomous.– Registered in the company, agency orders and in the trailer browser (Possibility to choose another trailer).– Your wheels.– In the traffic.Nothing is replaced, each trailer has its own cargo.Support advanced hitch.
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    This package will fantastically beautify and revitalize the game!Authors:TSM,KHAOS-XX,Georgold CZIJ’s Mods,Rommi TZ,TZ_Express,MDModding,Fred_be,GS-Logistic,Expresso Rodovias,Stewowe and Ignition8,The authors of some skins are unknown.Assembling, correction, registration in the company and traffic + Skin Aeroflot:Serega 22ru, losevo58.
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