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Tresco Def Mod v1.4 [16.09.2017]
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Tresco Def Mod v1.4 [16.09.2017]

[16.09.2017] Tresco Def Mod v1.4

First time, Thanks Cipinho, for your help with improve traffic behavior at my mod.

Now the changes:
- better traffic behavior, using Cipinho's mod, and changed some values (I changed this values to fit better with my Low-End PC, was a personal choice, not for any others reasons)
- improving rain effect

Testing conditions:
- ETS2
- ProMods Map 2.20
- Trailer & Company Pack 1.14
- some times Jazzycat mods (ai, bus, car, truck ....)
- no others mods

Testing locations was:
Romania - from Constanta to any
Germany- from Nuremberg to any
United Kingdom - from Birmingham to any

If for some reason, you need more or less traffic, try to change max_vehicle_count value from traffic_data.sii file, (higher values = more traffic and lower values = less traffic, default is 150)
Some times you can see how vehicle are spawned on far away (especially on long and straight roads or big intersections) - I know of this lack but it was a compromise made by me to have more traffic close to truck.
Anyway traffic behavior is work in progress for me and any feedback is more than welcome. Same for rain effect and my mod in general.


  • Tresco888
    2017-09-17 14:24
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