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TRICKYMAP v2.1 - Welcome to England!
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TRICKYMAP v2.1 - Welcome to England!

Trickymap is an additional map builded to be used with Euro Truck Simulator 2.
trickymap never add any region or road to the original game, but increases the difficulty for all the parking areas included in the current version of the game.
Download and use of trickymap are free, but editing or reposting of this product are not allowed.

Current version 2.1 brief list of improvements:
-Added England areas (18 cities / 62 areas)
-Areas difficulty balanced
-Lights improved in the darkest areas
-Various object positioning fix

Is not compatible with any maps or (map) addon, work only original game map.
Note from the Author:
Hi all mates! trickymap 2.1 is out!
This is another major update to the existing version, now all the United Kingdom is included: 62 new areas.. tons of fun! 8)
In England You may now find some of the best trickyes, with many different ways to complete a maneuver.

As always: more experienced drivers are free to load extra-size cargo for harder challenges… how much extra? …depends by the driver! :lol:
Most of the existings areas are lightly revisited and now we have a better difficulty balancing and a nice lighting system in any areas… some wrong object positioning are now corrected also.

I hope You appreciate and leave me a feedback about the works done and Your desire for the incoming upgrades ( http://www.dodero.eu/trickymap/ )… it’s important for me. Thank You! :)

Other ways: trailers, trucks etc. are compatible.
Clean up Your mirrors and have fun!


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