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Truck Dodge 900 cnt v2.0
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Truck Dodge 900 cnt v2.0

Colombian version of the American truck of the early 70s
Purchased in the salon DAF
The heaviest chassis in the company's lineup
Single cab, 6x4 chassis and BDF
4 engines
1 box
Original interior
Big tuning
There is an animation of the dashboard, warning lights
Rear window decals
Patency off-road and in the mountains, speed (tested on Argentine serpentines of the map of Mario)
The appearance of the prototype corresponds

Version 2.0 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 (v1.32.x, 1.33.x, 1.34.x):

Updated for 1.32.x, 1.33.x, 1.34.x
Optimized, consumes less FPS
Other minor fixes

Original author: H Gato, updated and corrected: Bo Ezduk

H Gato, Bo Ezduk

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