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Truck Engine Overhaul v1.05 + fix
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Truck Engine Overhaul v1.05 + fix

Ever since I learned about this game I wanted to make more variation to engine choices on it, and after playing ETS2
for many hours, I also found other things I wanted to alter. Here is the Truck Engine Overhaul v.1.05 mod!

*Tested on version 1.7.0 -
*Will likely not work on earlier versions (New Volvo as of 1.7.0 is included in the mod)
*Should work with any other mod that doesn't change vanilla engines in any way (another added engines should work ok)
*You are free to use this mod as a part of your own mod or pack, but if you do, credit TurboJ, please.

Highlights of this mod:
*Adds realistic new engines and engine versions to make every truck competitive in the game
*This mod retains truck brand balance as found in vanilla game
*Alters engine prices to better differentiate them from each other and adding a bit of thought to upgrading your truck
*Displays engine displacement in engine names (displacement affects the fuel consumption if you have fuel simulation on)
*Alters certain unlock levels for engines for better balance between truck marques
*Alters engine brake effect so that smaller displacement engines have slightly less engine brake (not exhaust brake)
*Alters Scania and Volvo engines so that Euro 6 versions have lower fuel consumption than Euro 5 ones
*Changes Mercedes (Majestic) engine names to actual real life names
*Adds smaller-capacity real-life engine versions that have lower fuel consumption (DAF and Scania)
*Adds performance tuned versions of certain vanilla engines for best hp to fuel efficiency ratio
*Adds real-life aftermarket engines from Cummins and Caterpillar available to certain truck models
*Engine upgrades show the correct badge corresponding to engine power on your truck (where applicable)
*Fixes Volvo D13 engine displacement from 16.1 liters to actual 12.8 liters (lowered fuel consumption vs. vanilla).
*Adds a special highly tuned Volvo FH 12.8 litre engine to enable higher powered trucks with the black grille, almost FH16-750 performance
*All new engines and engine versions have been researched and adjusted to portray their real-life equivalents
*Aftermarket and special engine prices reflect the custom work necessery to convert your truck
*Special added engines are intended to suit the brand image of each respective truck
*No imaginary engines or upgrades, everything 100% realistic
*Additionally, several small fixes to vanilla engine specifications (closer to real life)

List of new engines and engine versions on this mod (v.1.04)
(All vanilla engines are also present)

-9 litre Paccar PX9 engines (400 and 450 hp)
-Cummins ISX15 550 hp engine
-Cummins ISX15 600 hp engine

Renault Premium:
-DXi11 460 engine with ECU optimization - 495 hp
-DXi13 520 engine from the Renault Magnum - 520 hp

Renault Magnum:
-DXi13 520 engine with ECU optimization - 560 hp
-DXi13 520 engine with compound turbochargers - 605 hp

-D2676 397 engine with ECU optimization - 590 hp
-D2868 500 engine with ECU optimization - 715 hp
-Caterpillar C15 Acert 595 hp engine
-Caterpillar C18 Acert 725 hp engine

Majestic / Mercedes-Benz Actros:
-OM502LA V8 Titan Spezialfahrzeuge SLT engine - 653 hp

Iveco Stralis:
-Cursor 8 360 engine with ECU optimization - 400 hp
-Cursor 13 560 engine with ECU optimization - 585 hp

Iveco Stralis Hiway:
-Cursor 9 400 engine with ECU optimization - 435 hp
-Cursor 13 560 engine with ECU optimization - 590 hp
-Cummins ISX15 600 hp engine

Scania R-series
-DC9 320 Euro 5 9.3 liter engine - 320 hp
-DC9 320 Euro 5 9.3 liter engine with ECU optimization - 350 hp
-Caterpillar C15 Acert 595 hp engine
-Caterpillar C18 Acert 725 hp engine

Volvo FH Classic
D11C370 euro 5 10.8 liter engine - 370 hp
D13C420 euro 5 12.8 liter engine - 420 hp
D13C460 euro 5 12.8 liter engine - 460 hp
D16G750 16.1 liter engine with ECU optimization - 775 hp

Volvo FH 2012
-D13C engines changed from 16.1 liter to 12.8 liter (only fuel consumption is affected)
-D13C540 12.8 liter engine with compound turbochargers - 645 hp (retains the FH13 black grille)
-D16G750 16.1 liter engine with ECU optimization - 775 hp

V.1.05 change log
-Bug fixes: prices for aftermarket engines for MAN and Iveco trucks were broken - now fixed.
-ECU optimized engines now display name 'Chip Tuned' instead of 'Superchips'
-Engine braking upgraded; larger engines now have a little more engine braking than medium-size engines

I hope you enjoy this mod!
More options can be added and values altered as we gather experience on this mod in practice.
The mod is quite new, so there is a possibility of a bug somewhere - in that case just report here please, so I can fix it!


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