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Truck racing trailers in freight market 1.35
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Truck racing trailers in freight market 1.35

Update to 1.35
Cargos appear in the freight market with the same characteristics as in WOT event (weight, price per distance, etc)
Cargos appear in the same companies as in the event and some more
If this mod is installed for first time, you have to advance the time in the game to see this cargos in the freight market
Transporting these cargos will no longer give you achievements in WOT or items in Steam :)
Trailers no ownable

SCS ETRC trailers appear in the traffic:

be patient, these trailers have low frequency in traffic but can appear anywhere on the map, verified
You can see these trailers with wheels on traffic when it is away from you
Empty trailers included in the traffic only

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