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Truck Remote Control (Android device steering solution) v1.0
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Truck Remote Control (Android device steering solution) v1.0

Euro Truck Simulator 2 drivers!
Not everyone has a steering wheel or joystick at hand. Today I want to introduce you a new way to drive your truck. Meet Truck Remote solution! It consists of Truck Remote Control (Android app) and Truck Remote Server (utility for Windows). You can also download Truck Remote Panel (still in development) on another Android device and use it simultaneously with Truck Remote Control or separately from it.
Truck Remote solution is also working with American Truck Simulator! Just have fun!
How to use
ATTENTION: Do not delete files from the TruckRemoteControl folder. It's important for correct Server work.
Launching with Truck Remote Control:
Install vJoy on your PC by launching vJoySetup.exe
Open Configure vjoy, configure 1-st virtual joystick as on this screenshot:
–°opy the TruckRemoteServer folder wherever you want
Launch TruckRemoteServer.exe
If you will not use Truck Remote Control, please follow only steps 3-4 from the list above.
Enjoy using!
DOWNLOAD Truck Remote Control for Android here


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