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TruckSim Map v6.5
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TruckSim Map v6.5

TruckSim Map 6.5 for patch 1.26.x

!Attention! Who would like to continue using the TSM map they needed DLC East, Scandinavia and France!!!

Changes for Version 6.5

- Update to gamepatch version 1.26.x
- several bugfixes

These Mapversion is for patch version 1.26.x.

These Mapversion can't be played with the patch version 1.25.X (or before)!

TSM Team

  • Nykyyy
    2017-01-22 23:31
    Wauuuuuu perfectlyyyy good work superrrrr.tanks
  • Nykyyy
    2017-01-23 19:00
    What maps are compatible with 6.5 tsm
  • Darek
    2017-01-23 19:09
    uuufffff not working
  • Bufaloe
    2017-01-24 05:14
    Causes game to crash
  • Nykyyy
    2017-01-24 17:31
    problrm work Verona company sano
  • Ducsnoopy
    2017-01-25 23:38
    Hi to check because I was in full delivery when a big black hole pass under the map no more road proof proof the photo and I have my mods are in the correct order an idea please?
  • Ducsnoopy
    2017-01-25 23:51
    I put the old ones in the meantime I am under version its should be walking big bug to check thank you in advance.
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