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TruckSim Map v5.0
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TruckSim Map v5.0

Main map changes:
Completly new edition of Prtugal and most of Spain
Realistic signage in the rebuilded- and other parts
4 new cities, 2 (Evora, Viseu) in Portugal and 2 (Merida, Salmanca) in Spain
Update of traffic lights for Portugal, Spain and Greece

Bugs were fixed...
in which objects were not in their correct position near the garages in Bourges and Ljubljana
in which signs wrongly regulated the priority in the traffic system
in which signnames were bigger than the actual sign
All known bugs since our last version were fixed

It's not possible to choose the startpoint for Cairo and Alexendria due to a citylimit. If you do so, you may be ported to another randomly choosed city. A patch from SCS is under way

Cancel or finish your current delivery and edit your profile. Deactive the old mods and activate the new ones. Change the following files in your mod folder.

Old Mods:    New Mods:
TSM_Map_4_7_2_def&mat.scs    TSM_Map_5_def&mat
TSM_Map_4_7_2_map.scs    TSM_Map_5_map
TSM_Map_4_7_2_model.scs    TSM_Map_5_model_01
TSM_Map_4_7_2_prefab&more.scs    TSM_Map_5_model_02TSM_Map_5_model_03TSM_Map_5_prefab&more

SCS Software für die GrundMap mit allem Drum und Dran.
50keda für die neuen Firmen Sellplan und Kaarfor.
FLD/TZ für die neuen Prefabs und Modelle (darf nicht zur freien Verwendung genutzt werden!)
kamaz für Schilder
Reislord für Schilder
valera_t für verschiedene Mapmodelle
satan19990 für die hervorragenden Mapmodelle
Königszapfen für die Bilder
2X2 für die neuen Autokennzeichen
mAn_Trucker für neue Firmen
diverbaer für die ‚extreme bridge‘
Nicht unerwähnt sollte Carinthian bleiben, der den Umbau in Frankfurt, Tripolis und Aalborg vorgenommen hat.

  • Guest
    2014-06-21 20:58
    Why you do not map it automatically gives the 4 seasons Tanks for the map
  • Andrey
    2014-07-05 08:46
  • Ridha
    2014-09-01 22:49
    this is 1.9.22 ???
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