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TRUE Lights AI cars and Environment v5.6
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TRUE Lights AI cars and Environment v5.6

Version 5 of this mod further improves the AI lights and overall environment, like AI cars, trucks, road signs, etc. Works on all versions of the game and has no conflicts with other mods as far I know and tested.
09/05 Now you can see the AI traffic from 3 km away, numerous tweaks.
16/05 New headlights. (GearJammer special edition... ;)
30/05 Many little refinements under the hood ;)
14/06 Again fine tuning, HDR tuning, and because I decided to take this mod much further than lights and refine everything AI related, as a first step I added custom rims to every default AI car. (This mod will remain small, smart and highly effective with 0 performance impact).
11/07 Fixed the "imvisible wall" error in Promods, increased range and intensity of headlights, tweaks to all flares. READY for update 1.11 of the game.
31/07 Small compatibility update for the final 1.11 version and some minor improvements.
24/08 Changed the lightflares to better work with the night HDR, increased the bloom and reflection of bright surfaces, slight tweak to the beacon.


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