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Tuned Truck Pack for Quick Jobs v1.0
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Tuned Truck Pack for Quick Jobs v1.0

I made this mod: because play mostly Quck job and i like to drive each time different truck. Each truck Has assortiment of different accessories and i tried the trucks, to not very similar.

Game version: 1.11.1,1.12.1

Credits: Pendragon


  • Theosz
    2014-08-20 23:51
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    thx for sharing. cool mod, but why do not work with [Truck - Scania T Longline Reworked v2.3 by Henki73&] ?the lamps on bars are removed. I have others unofficial trucks with no problemsMy short setup:a) Win7 x641) ETS 2 v1.10.1.19s2) DLC Going East!3) DLC Metallic Paint Jobs Pack 4) DLC Flip Paint Jobs Pack
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