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Tuning for Scania RS by RJL v3.0
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Tuning for Scania RS by RJL v3.0

Tuning for Scania R & Streamline by RJL. It only works as a complement to the RJL mode . It should be placed after his mod . The old version of mod are included in this update.

– Compatibility with Scani RS by RJL 1.3 and ETS2 1.18
– Removed duplicate textures
– Conditioner
– Undercab lights
– Sticker “Euro 6″
– Plastic “Fogring”
– New variant of gps
– Fix “mirrorslots”
– Fix “mudflaps” slot
– Fix “V8 Exhaust paint” BDF sideskirt
– BDF slots “kuzov” and “exhausts” are available only with spoiler
– Metallic for “real scania mirrors”
– Plastic and paint(metallic) “SM” bottomgrill
– Sunshield “V8K-Blaine Scania Sunshield V2 black”
– Some bugfixes

Full list of changes u can find in archive.
Parts: Rjl, 50k, sattan19990, sky76, Matthias, Henki73, V8K-Blaine, pete379jp, vecc21, Bobi27015, ton, Matt_streamline, Igor Nitch, Flemming, Vinzel and etc.


  • Nportegies skins
    2015-09-17 07:59
    Working in version 1.20Note that the RS Tuning for Scania by RJL v3.0 does not work in the long cabs or on the three standard cabs.video: https://youtu.be/S4q2v67HsZE
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