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Tweaked SCS flares v1.1 (02.10.2017) [1.28]
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Tweaked SCS flares v1.1 (02.10.2017) [1.28]

This mod is a simple colour adjustment for the updated 1.28 flares from SCS.
Flares adjusted: traffic lights, blinkers/sidelights, brake and rear positional lights, roadwork beacons.
Rest of the tweaks include a slightly bigger illumination range and very minor scale/scale factor tweaks.

1.01: Tweaked the blinker flares, added roadwork beacon flares, some additional tweaks to def files.
1.1:  Tweaked orange beacon flares, changed the blinker flare to a more natural colour.

Installation: Copy the downloaded .zip archive to your mod folder and activate the mod in the Mod manager. Make sure it's at the top priority in mod manager.

obelihnio, SCS Software

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    2017-10-03 10:39
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    2017-10-03 11:26
    Respect the original download link.
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