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UK Improved Signage v1.0
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UK Improved Signage v1.0

This mod aims to replace UK roadsigns with more realistic versions


- Corrected 30mph and 60mph signs
- Replaced the 'No Waiting' sign with no U-Turns (the no waiting sign is hardly ever used in the UK, yellow lines are used instead)
- Replaced all other street signs and dangerous bend chevrons with more accurate versions
- Speed cameras are now yellow on all sides
- Replaced roadworks speed signs with clearer more accurate versions
- Replaced all city entrance signs
- New gas station 'price boards'
- Replaced UK border 'drive on left' and speed conversion signs
- Replaced all 'small road navigation' signs (arrow direction signs not on motorways)


At present the mod only changes the textures of existing small signs. It should work with any other mod that does not try to alter UK traffic signs.
Works well with ohaha's large signs mod

The only mods I've tested with any issues are the winter (snow) mods. To work with a winter mod you must rename the uk-improved-signage mod with zzzzzzzz at the beginning to make it load AFTER the winter mod


There will be further improvements to the small road navigation signs and next I hope to learn how add brand new signs to the map, as I've a few ideas for some good additions.


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