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Ultimate Pack Trailer
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Ultimate Pack Trailer

I have even put a pack together, that the trailer fleet expanded and replaced by real companies. With this you can offer the trailer in your ETS enrich some
Lots of skins from known companies, such as Oskar Vogel, SLK Kock, Adidas, Arla, Sachsentrans, ZF, DHL, TNT, Goodyear, Zalndo and many more ...

The pack contains:
1) Schmitz 20ft. Container Trailer by Tony1971, EED123, Nordic Mr_Zer, Hunter Road, Ventures
2) Semi-trailers Chereau (Standalone) by Quentin, Kamaz, man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, NABIL, Volidas and a skin by me
3) My Schmitz Trailer Skin Package
4) a mod for empty trailer (standalone) of knox_xss
5) A trailer Wheels Replacement Mod by BoraVentyres
6) crown dryliner (standalone) Kamaz Nordic Czak Road Hunter and new skins by me
7) A skin pack for Ets2 trailer by me

I hope you enjoy it.
Praise and criticism, as always, welcome.
Greeting EoF

Mod only share with CREDITS!

Kamaz,Nordisch, cZak, Roadhunter, BoraVentyres, knox_xss Quentin, Kamaz, man400, Sergei Troubetzkoy, NABIL, Volidas,Tony1971, EED123, Nordisch, Mr_Zer, Roadhunter, Ventures, EoF

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