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Unlocking some non coloring paints
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Unlocking some non coloring paints

Mod allows to change the color of the colorings not available for change for ETS 2


▶ Who does not have any of these colors, then in the store, it will be displayed without a picture, a convincing request not to install this color on your tractor!
▶ Works in MP!
▶ Whatever coloring does not fly without fashion when tuning, do not change the cockpit and the chassis!
▶ Any color of the color can be made!
▶ Prices for painting $ 1!

At the moment, for coloring changes are available! !!
▶ Amber Glory Metallic
▶ Austrian Flag Metallic
▶ Bratislava Sights
▶ Corvus Ex Machina
▶ Danish Flag Metallic
▶ Finnish Flag Metallic
▶ Flamenco
▶ Golden Raven
▶ Grand Citrine Metallic
▶ Hungarian Metallic Pattern
▶ Italian Flag Metallic
▶ Istanbul Sunset
▶ Khokhloma Forever
▶ Klimt Inspirations
▶ Lucky Panda
▶ Maple Pride
▶ Michelin Tracks
▶ Norwegian Flag Metallic
▶ Polish Flag Metallic
▶ Russian Troika
▶ Santa's Bag
▶ Spirit of Paris
▶ Sunrise In Prague
▶ Swedish Flag Metallic
▶ Swiss Flag Metallic
▶ Timeless Precision
▶ UK Flag Metallic

▶ Install everything alone!

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Black Sky

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