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Ural 6464 v27.09.20 1.38
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Ural 6464 v27.09.20 1.38

Changes on 09/27/20
- Update for 1.38:
- Added openable windows (outside / inside)
- Added more correct sound for engines (no longer default for SCS).

IMPORTANT NOTE: You don't need to include any other fixes for this mod, just this file.
Sell and uninstall the old version of this truck before enabling the updated version.
SISL Accessories Pack - be sure to connect, otherwise there will be many missing accessories.

- Standalone model,
- Purchase in the "Ural" salon,
- Registered as the starting (gallery) and in the company (orders of agencies in Europe and England),
- One cabin,
- Three chassis,
- Five engines (YaMZ and Paccar),
- Own interior,
- Own wheels (additional mod included),
- Sound,
- Tuning,
- Painted in metallic.

Known issue: Windows won't open completely

JAWA, Stas556, Mishanka, Artem Abbasov, AMTomas, rework vasja555, Серый Полосатый (Versetti/Versetti’SP)

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