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V8K Steering Wheel
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V8K Steering Wheel

MOD runs from 1.7.xx upwards to the latest patch 1.8.xx

Since many requests come who would like to rather have the standard steering wheel in the and not the beautiful VABIS steering wheel. Have I made this little mod, you replace the "Vabis" steering wheel back to the standard steering wheel!

Important! -> The mod must be loaded last! is otherwise a few more ZZZZ pure ... if it does not work the same!


-> ZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzV8K-Blaine_Standard_Steering_Wheel.scs


Will it always be like with my mods no! I would not answer any extra questions etc! Who has problems with my mods also gets no support from me! Please Accept this! Please help you in ETS2 Communty mutually self with problems!


-> V8K-Blaine, SCS


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