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Van Rooijen skin for Scania Next Gen v1.0
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Van Rooijen skin for Scania Next Gen v1.0

Skin is suitable for the Scania Next Gen (SCS or rework) and fits all cabs.
Skin is made in 4k resolution, no compression is used generating the .dds texture files.
I added some extra skinning so the skin also supports the painted Maxion rims from Abasstreppas.

Graphics & skin: DaStig
Truck and template: SCS
Rims: Abasstreppas

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    Камазист - ты дебил
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    @REUPLOAD он же Круиз,ха ха кто из нас еще дебил то???Даун ты ебанутый.Ты под своим ником ссышь комменты писать да затупок?)))
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