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Viking Logistics MPIV v1.0
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Viking Logistics MPIV v1.0

Today I offer you the Mercedes Actros MPIV at the Viking Logistics skin.
Tested under 1.18.1s
Available from the merchants.
Available for all sizes cabins.
I wish you a safe journey in the ETS2 and have fun with the mod.

As always gillt who do not like him must not download it!
Re-upload please only with the original link.


  • Xwildanx
    2015-06-03 05:46
    I am sorry to say that. but this design copying from Banter logistics, it just change colour and replace banterlogistics logo. check this out http://ets2.lt/en/banter-logistics-mercedes-benz-mp4/visit ushttp://www.banterlogistics.zz.vc
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