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Volvo FH-16 Bj 2012 v1.0
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Volvo FH-16 Bj 2012 v1.0

Here's a somewhat modified Monster Energy Skin. I hope you like them.
For suggestions and comments, I am always open. For wish. Because I know how beautiful it is when the Truck hermacht something. Finally, I am a Dutchman drove heavy transport for 4 years. And who know what is a truck.
Short back have fun with it.
Vers. 1.19.xx
himself tested and works.
PS. If at the screens inside the Kanine not be seen, do not worry I have in it a lot of accessories Mods and therefore it is from the outside not sichtbar.Innen course everything was available. Works with all chassis.

Jogi1311 Template Volvo FH 16

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