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Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v17.4s
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Volvo FH 2013 by ohaha v17.4s

OK, people, 17.4s is coming your way.
Not many changes, just some small tweaks:

- bigger light-box for Globetrotter cabins
- shadow for tandem chassis (hope I got it right :D)
- minor visual tweaks for the front engine grids

I'm planning to rework the headlights, too. Maybe put in the RL ones, as an option.
The new version is currently uploading, it will be up in a while.
For any issues don't forget to report here.


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    This is orginal link https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B09IyvM3cWlxaXlueXR1NlNHZ2M&usp=drive_web#list
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