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Volvo FH16 2009 vX by ohaha
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Volvo FH16 2009 vX by ohaha

Back lit lightbox, on Globetrotter and Globetrotter XL cabs. This part consists of two panels.
The default version comes with a lamp effect - the graphics will ight up when the parking lights are on. The illumination effect is controlled by the alpha channel of /vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2009/decals_ohaha.dds
There is a second, skin-able panel, behind the light-box, not visible in default version. To have a double effect, with illumination and skinned bodywork you can change the effect in /automat/0g/decals_mat.mat.
If you use eut2.dif.lum.decal.over, only the white areas in the alpha channel will be visible from the front panel. The black areas will reveal the second panel and its graphics. To remove the light effect and, thus the first panel, completely, set the alpha chanel in /vehicle/truck/volvo_fh16_2009/decals_ohaha.dds to fuul black. You will get the normal truck with that panel covered with your skin.
There are two templates, included in the archive: lightbox.png is the UVMap layout for the lit panel, lightbox_bg.png is the template for skinning the second panel.
Front deflectors
The front deflectors (at the outer corners of the cabin base) have been repositioned in the UVMap, to fit the graphics in that area.
Added/Rebuilt lights
A series of parking lights are added to the front upper grill of the engine.
The engine grills (upper and lower) are skin-able. They are to be found, in the UVMap, in the logical position they are found on the truck.
Brake lights are added to the back of the A Cab hood.
Rear taillights for the 6x versions of the chassis are completely rebuilt
Side Skirts
The default 6xx truck comes without rear wheel arches. You can add them in Truck Shop. You can also add sideskirts, on top of them.
Note: the UVMap of the side skirts is deformed, because they were shortened. Adjust your skins accordingly.
You can now add exhausts to 6xx versions. Only one is included in the model, to serve as a guide. You should pay attention, because the wheelbase is smaller that the 4x2 and some mught collide with the rear wheels.
The default mirrors have been duplicated with versions featuring turn signals (blinkers) and orange prking lights. They are standalone and do not replace the default.

Truck by SCS Software
Tweaks and add-ons by ohaha


Truck by SCS Software
Tweaks and add-ons by ohaha

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